Sunday, November 20, 2011

First Day of School 2011

Taylor's First Day of his Senior Year. Time has flown by and he so didn't want this pic done~

Ali was stoked for the new year as always! Happy ooozes from that smile~!

Jaxon starting his first day of 2nd grade. So dang cute!!

Summer Family Visits

Summer was great. We got to go to Utah and Idaho to see all our families. It was wonderful and the kids had a wonderful time. We had Ali's 14th birthday, and trip to zoo. IT was fun.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Jaxon's Red Rider BB gun.

Wade came home from his annual trip this summer and promised to take Jaxon to get his first bb gun. Yes I said it his first bb gun even before his 7th birthday. Grrrrrrr!

The kid is a natural and has an amazing shot.

Ali had her 13th birthday.

Unbelievable that she can already be the big teenage 13. She had a fun day and got lots of fun things. Lucky girl.

Where or Where Have we been??

Okay so this was for the Allen Celebration park 4th of July and the kids were anxiously awaiting the fireworks. We also got to hear Kool and the Gang with out Lionel Ritchie. :(

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Ali graduating from Elementary School

Ali was happy to graduate and have some awards. We had end of the year party and she obviously had chocolate. Girl loves her chocolate!!!

Such a happy girl what a blessing that smile brings to my life everyday. Makes all the hard work with her more than worth that one smile. :)

so big and grown up. Cannot believe she is a teenager, well the attitude shows it, but it has just gone by so fast.

This day came and I really haven't been ready for it to move up to Middle School. I am sure we will survive. I cannot believe my sweet girl is so big. Almost the big 13. :)

My little suave boy!

Move over Michael Bublay (or however you spell it) Mr. Action Jaxon is here with his own form of "appeal"

Jaxon is a poser and thinks he is pretty smooth.