Monday, April 26, 2010

How Lame Am I???????

Texas snow we had 5 good storms and had some fun with this one, the kids loved it.

Need a real family picture.

I have been pretty pathetic. I amjust going to post a few fun pics from over the last while and maybe do better from here on with my blogging. UGH!!!


Lari Tanner said...


You are amazing, I had no idea you made blankets and burpy clothes too! I might have to commission you to make some for RS and our Mom's to be! I'll talk to the Prez. about it!
I love your family, you are a constant inspiration to me and I'm so grateful and glad to know you!!
Oh, and if you ever care to, I have a blog too, that I don't always update either! :)

Ginger said...

Your kids are soooooooo big! I wouldn't recognize Taylor. What a handsome young man! :) Glad you finalllllllllly updated! :)